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In My Pantry

There are some things in my pantry, that’s probably not in a lot of your pantries.  So if you’re reading one of my posts, and you’re wondering what dashi is, this is the place to look.  Sorry about the flash in the pics.  I am not camera savvy.

Dashi.  It’s a dried fish stock, and comes in granules.

Korean red pepper flake/chili powder.  This is actually homemade (not by me).  A family friend went to a local farm, picked the peppers herself, washed and sun-dried them, and had it ground up by a local grinder.  The seeds were never taken out, so this is spicy stuff.  If you want to buy some for yourself, look for a brighter red color.

Seasoned and roasted seaweed.  This is thinner and much more brittle than seaweed used for sushi.  It is also brushed with sesame oil and seasoned with salt.

Rice.  Koreans like short grain sticky rice.  Uncle Ben will not do.  I like to have regular white rice and sweet brown rice on hand.

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