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These folks can cook.  Except I don’t want to be them, because that would mean that I would be doing the work.  I just want to be a close neighbor or friend so I can reap the benefits without the work.

In no particular order (and there will surely be more to come):

Smitten Kitchen her photos are AMAZING.

Kalyn’s Kitchen cause she helps me lose the L.B.’s

All Recipes ok, so this isn’t a blog, but it’s where I get a bunch of recipes from.

Rook No. 17 can you say Pecan Praline French Toast??

Pass the Sushi food and aprons.  My two weaknesses.  Other than purses of course.

Mommie Cooks cause she always seems to put a great twist on everything.

White on Rice Couple Sriracha Bloody Mary.  ‘Nuff said.

C + C Marriage Factory renovations and recipes.

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