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Welcome to Corned Beef and Kimchi!

This is my place for all things food related.  I love food.  Like, LOVE food, but I lack some skillz in the kitchen.  I tend to avoid making things that are too intricate or labor intensive, because I don’t have the patience and I hate doing dishes.

The point of this blog, is to try to expand my culinary skills and document the process, whether good or bad.  Pepper in some awesome restaurant food that I feel like I need to share with you, in my hometown of Denver, CO and there’s my blog in a nutshell.

So why Corned Beef and Kimchi?  Because my husband is of Irish-American descent and I’m Korean.

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  1. Serene

    So happy you’re doing this blog. Would it be okay if I featured you some Friday in the near future, and used a couple of your photos? You can see some of my other Follow Friday features at

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