Posted by Kimchi on November 2, 2010

I had my cousins over for Halloween this year, and I thought it’d be fun to decorate cookies and cupcakes.  They’re in 4th and 1st grade, so I baked everything before they came, because I felt like I’d lose their interest rather quickly, if they were required to bake and decorate!

The layout includes: ghost and pumpkin Peeps, chocolate and vanilla frosting, pumpkin spice cupcakes, various sprinkles, colored royal icing, and sugar cookies.

Clockwise: pumpkin, cat (NOT a dinosaur, thank you), ghost, and bat.

Our handiwork.

3 Responses to Halloween

  1. Scraps

    Too cute! And it’s nice to see that *someone* found the Halloween Peeps this year–I looked *everywhere* for them and no one had any, here.

    • Kimchi

      Wanna know something odd? I found them at JoAnn Fabrics.. weird..

  2. Kita

    Wow! Im coming to your house next Halloween! All we had was the picked over candy left on the shelves at the market.

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