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Pork Green Chile

Posted by on October 19, 2010

I had a big ole pork roast sitting in the fridge asking me to use it, when I thought it would be great for pork green chile.  Problem is, I’ve never made pork green chile before.  So I went to All Recipes, and found one that looked simple enough for me, made a couple changes, and gave it a whirl.

What you need:  1 white onion chopped (I used frozen), 2 1/2 lbs pork shoulder roast, 21 oz. of green salsa, 1/2 cup chopped cilantro (I just tore it with my hands), 2 – 3 jalapeno peppers, salt and pepper.  Oh, and a crock pot.

I layered the onions on the bottom, and put the pork on top, then seasoned with some salt and pepper.  Then I poured the salsa on top.  I used three cans of Herdez green salsa.  You can usually find it in the ethnic aisle.

Then I added the cilantro and peppers.  I cooked it on High for 4 hours, and removed the pork to shred.  I always like to shred in a bowl, that way the juices don’t escape and make a mess.

The original recipe said to drain the liquid and discard the onions, peppers and everything, but I thought that was a waste, and just decided to blend everything for a smoother consistency.

I added everything back into the crock pot, and set it on Low for another two hours.

Served with Mexican rice (from a box, sorry), lettuce, cilantro, sour cream, cheese, corn and flour tortillas, tomatoes and avocados.  All on the side of course.

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