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My comfort food

Posted by on September 20, 2010

My grandma was poor.  Like, raised 7 kids during a war kind of poor.  Needless to say that she didn’t have a whole lot of luxuries, and sometimes food would be a luxury that she couldn’t afford.  So she made do with what was cheap and available.

And out of necessity came this little dish that’s become something that her kids and grandkids make when you want something quick and easy.  I quite literally can’t think of anyone in her bloodline that has not eaten or made this.  I call it lazy man’s fried rice, because well, you never fry the rice.

All the measuring is done with the spoon you will be eating with, because I didn’t just decide I hate doing dishes – it was inherited.

What you need: rice, egg, soy sauce, sesame oil, seasoned and roasted seaweed (I guess this could be optional).

Yeah, that’s it.  Fry up the egg (sunny side up, and however many you want depending on your hunger level), put it on the rice, pour on some sesame oil and soy sauce to taste, sprinkle on some seaweed, and you’re good to go.

I think of it as ugly delicious.  Because once you mix it up, it looks pretty ugly.

It’s not much, but it reminds me of my grandma, and that always warms my heart.

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