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Posted by on September 17, 2010

The other day, my momma came by and dropped off a bunch of goodies from H Mart.  Among the various groceries, there were grapes.  These aren’t your normal pop ’em off and eat them kind of grapes.  You gotta work for these grapes.  You have to put in a little bit of effort to eat them.

They are a variation of Concord grapes and are really popular in Asian countries.  In fact, when my mom first moved here, and got some grapes from the store, she was flustered because she couldn’t peel them.

These specifically are Niabell grapes.  Kyoho grapes are also really similar.  But with both types, you have to get the flesh out of the skin.  The skin is edible, but not that great, kind of like a watermelon rind is edible, but not that great.  You get?  They’re also seeded.

The trick is to put half the grape into your mouth, and then apply a little bit of pressure with your fingers to get the flesh out.

Be sure to eat these with a little bowl nearby so you can discard the skins and spit out the seeds.  They definitely taste like grapes, but juicier and a bit more sour.

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