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A trip down memory lane

Posted by on September 13, 2010

Since I’m a loser, and haven’t made dinner the last few nights, I have nothing to share with you.

So I’ve decided to take you on a trip down memory lane.  August of 2009, I took a trip to Korea with my mom to visit my family.  And while there, I pigged out like you wouldn’t believe.  I made trips to the store and markets with my Aunt and couldn’t stop taking pictures to share with my husband (he couldn’t make it).

This is the first night there.  What better way to celebrate than to eat??

Delivered fried chicken in a spicy sauce.  EVERYTHING is deliver-able.  Even McDonald’s.  You read that correctly, delivered McDonald’s.

Something that grosses out my husband.  Dried squid.  I call it squid jerky.  My husband calls it disturbing.

Fresh fish at the outdoor marketplace.

Fresh peppers at the market.  This is kind of my fav photo.  See that little lady in the corner?  I don’t know her, but doesn’t she look amused by me?

The revolving sushi bar.  Where your sushi comes to you.  You pick the plate as it comes around, and the color of the plate tells you how much the plate is.

Banana milk.  Chocolate milk and strawberry milk can’t touch this.  This is the Best.Milk.Ever.

Delivered Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet).  I told you everything was delivered.  Even the plates and silverware.  Once you’re done, you place them outside your door, and they’ll come pick it up later.

Different types of seaweed.

Different types of kimchi.

The pictures aren’t the best quality, because all I had was my little digital camera, but click on them for a bigger view.

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