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Daffy apples

Posted by on September 10, 2010

I’m not super into Halloween.  Never really have been.  But the one thing that I absolutely love about this time of year, is the fact that my local grocery store starts carrying Daffy Apples.  I was first introduced to them in college, and have been in love with them since.

Their red candy apple is my favorite, because it’s a soft caramel-y candy apple.. yum.

I think I could eat it for dinner and be happy.  Seriously.

One Response to Daffy apples

  1. Jade @ No Longer 25

    I always love the idea of these things but I often find I only eat the outside! So many companies use poor quality apples to make them. I should find a way to make them myself!

    The Daffy Apples look good but I don’t think I’ll find them in Scotland!

    Have a lovely day,

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